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February 5, 2018 • Actor Casting

TBS Proof Of Concept Casting


Proof Of Concept Casting

Usage – none (this is only for a proof of concept)

Rate – $250 +10 %

Audition Tuesday 2.06.18 in-person in NYC

Shoot date: Thursday Feb 2.8.18 (or potentially Friday 2.09.18) – should take 2 – 3 hours

These are scripted secret confessions that should feel truthful. They will be delivered by cute animoji unicorn/puppy dog/Alien etc

The ideal candidate for this would come from the comic/improv pedigree with VO chops and an expressive face.

SUBWAY // Suburban Girl 

Suburban girl 18 – 26 yrs. old 

Smugness, deep hurt, self satisfaction

This is your girl possibly from the Midwest. Sheltered, No cynicism.

IKEA // Female Professional 

Female professional 25 – 35 yrs. old 

Cynical, calculating, stunned.

Urban version of office space

IKEA // Valley Girl

Valley Girl 18 – 25 yrs old 

Determined, Manipulative, Naïve

There’s a hint of insecurity at the end of the script

Burger King // Male Stoner

Male Stoner 17 – 25 yrs old 

Keanu Reeves, but dumber and more philosophical

WHOLE FOODS // Millennial

Millennial, any gender 25 – 35 yrs old 

Empathy, believability, calculation

Like everyone we know with a twist on the end

Submission details:

Please email of the following to info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

Please send a headshot. 

Let us know of any Improv experience. 

Let us know which role you are applying 

Please make sure you are available to audition this Tuesday Feb 06th, 2018. 



Thanks so much!

-Joe & Evadne


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