Meet Team VE

Casting a TV spot. Filming a documentary. These are all real stories. When it’s fabricated, when it’s manufactured, something vital is lost in the process. We aim to fortify your story and restore that missing element. To imbue your work with truth and substance. That’s Vitamin Enriched.

Let me introduce you to Team VE!

Vitamin Enriched Real People Casting

Katherine Foronjy


I have always been a storyteller and knew from a young age that I was destined to do it for a living in some fashion. I believe that real people offer an authenticity that cannot be replicated. 

With real people, there is a delicate nature of trust they place in the filmmaker--their ability to be open without putting on a performance for the camera is what makes them such genuine stars.

Vitamin Enriched Real People Casting

Joseph Coburn


I remember noticing, as a child, that each of the X-Wing pilots in Star Wars’ climactic final scene felt different. They had their own personality, their own manner of speech, all established in mere seconds on screen. And the scene absolutely doesn’t work without this character development.

So now it’s our job. Using client/director role specs we need to make sure that each of our real people and actors fit that orange flightsuit, all the while assembling the most unique and diverse cast of starfighter pilots in the galaxy. Or the Tri-State area.

Vitamin Enriched Real People Casting

Mary Anne Driscoll


I've enjoyed the past 20 years in casting. When given a complicated casting search, I view it as a puzzle and love the challenge it presents. I will not rest until I have researched it from every angle to find the missing piece that completes the picture. 

Vitamin Enriched Real People Casting

Janelle Ryan


For me, finding that perfect person on a street scout is like finding love at first sight. As my eyes sift through an endless sea of ordinaries, there's a light about that special someone who easily stands out in a crowd. I can't help but approach them and can only hope my feelings are reciprocated. Once the connection is made, it's a bond that cannot be broken and an experience that can never be forgotten.

Vitamin Enriched Real People Casting

Evadne Fulton


When an actor nails their read and makes an impression on the team, I make sure to push for them and call them in for other projects. When I spot true talent, I want that actor to succeed. I love to witness their performances come to life. Going to showcases, improv performances, off-broadway plays and watching everything I can keeps me in the know.