Mathematically Alive

This engaging documentary is for all New York Mets fans and for anyone who is a devoted fan of a sports team. Directors Coburn and Foronjy reveal the stories of a spectrum of Mets devotees and take us on their roller coaster ride of emotion through the 2006 playoffs.

Mathematically Alive explores why Sports are such an integral part of American culture. What the affects are of following a team and, more importantly, why fans continue to invest so much emotion, time, and money into their teams. They are the stories of any fan in America. For some it’s an escape from reality, for others it forms their identity. Their fanaticism, not too far off from your own or someone you know, makes for a fascinating window into an often unexamined part of everyday life – Sport fandom.

“Mathematically Alive captures beautifully the heart and emotion of rooting for a Baseball Team. A must see for any Mets fan.” Gary Cohen – SNY TV, The Voice of the New York Mets

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