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Whether it’s a commercial or a documentary, our goal is to tell a real story. We believe in the power of authenticity and our real people casting process is founded on the principles of documentary filmmaking.  We don’t cheat. We don’t cut corners. We don’t cast actors when you ask for real people.

Vitamin Enriched is a fine-tuned collaboration of documentary filmmakers and casting directors. We utilize time-tested strategies to find your stories out in the real world, pounding the pavement and taking the search to the streets. We make it our mission to map the virtual communities, expertly crafting our searches and interactions online that go way beyond just posting on social media. Strategies aside, the most important tool in our belt is our reputation; we’re honest and transparent with everyone we approach about a casting opportunity. Our work history and sterling reputation gives people the confidence to share with us their personal stories and sensitive information.

We view the world in stories. Let us help you tell yours.

real people casting for recent retirees


Retirement Champion - Penny

real people casting for senior who are active


Retirement Champion - Phyllis








Eric Hrubant

real people casting for Olympic fans

Olympics Rio Reactions

Simone Biles

real people casting

Charles Schwab

Hope and Peter

real people casting for caregivers


Sam and Dorothy

Downy Unstopables

Frat House

real people casting for people who use 3d printers

UPS Store