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October 12, 2019 • Real People Casting

Casting Cops,Firemen, Sanitation, Street Musicians, Transit, Bodega Owners, Cab Drivers & Street Cart Vendors & more for NY Yankees TV Commercial

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company, is looking for a bunch of New York locals to represent our great city in a TV commercial about the NY Yankees. We are looking for (current or retired) Police Officers, Firefighters, Sanitation workers, Street Musicians, Transit workers, Bodega owners/workers, Street cart food vendors, Cab drivers, Short order cooks,  Physical therapists/Sports trainers for athletes, Lawyers, and Groundskeepers. Ideally we love it if  you can throw and catch a baseball. 

Dates and payment details: 

  • Casting Remote Video Interview Date (15-20 minutes): Tuesday Oct. 15th
  • Callback: In-person in NYC Thursday Oct. 17th
  • Fitting: Oct 19th
  • Shoot: Oct. 20th & Oct 21st (You will only be needed for one of these days) 
  • Shoot location: NYC
  • Payment: You are paid SAG scale rate which pays over $600 per day. 
  • Usage/Run:National, Network, Spot Market, Internet, Dealer, Foreign, Cable, Theatrical/Industrial, Behind the Scenes footage, New Media, Stills
  • Conflict:  Athletic Apparel

To Submit yourself for consideration, please email the following ASAP to: assistant@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

  • Please send a couple of photographs of yourself 
  • Please tell us what you do for a living or what you are retired from? 
  • How long have you been doing this or were you doing that job? 
  • How comfortable are you throwing or catching a baseball? 

Thank you! 

-Kathy, Joe, Mary Anne, Janelle, Evadne, Javier & Nicole 

Non- disclosure agreements: Performers will be required to sign a NDA at the shoot regarding use of personal photos taken on set or using social media to discuss their work on this project. 

Behind- the- Scenes Footage: If Agency elects to shoot behind- the- scenes footage during the commercial shoot and a performer is filmed for such use, the performer will be paid scale session fee under the SAG Industrial contract – Category II. Reuse will only be paid if performer is used in the final video. Contracts will be provided on set. 

Athlete Eligibility: ANYONE IN 8TH GRADE THRU COLLEGE WHO PLAYS, OR PLANS TO PLAY, ON A SCHOOL SPORTS TEAM, SHOULD NOT AUDITION FOR THIS CAMPAIGN, AS THEY WILL NOT BE HIRED. Anyone 25 or younger who is auditioning for the role of an athlete for this campaign will need to complete an Amateur Athlete Questionnaire.

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash


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