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April 13, 2016 • Real People Casting

Casting kids 7-11 yrs old, with their parent, in NY tri-state for a GAP Ad

Enriched, a real people casting company in NYC, is casting in the tri-state
area for girls and boys, age 7-11, for Gap’s 2016 ‘Back to School’ campaign. Kids with and without braces are welcomed to audition. 

are looking to audition kids via Skype and also have their parent/guardian
submit a short letter of encouragement as part of the audition.
The idea is
that your child would read this letter of encouragement on their first day back
to school this September. (Parents will not be on camera)
Auditions start Friday April 14th and go
through Monday the 18th so please submit asap!

If selected shoots in NYC
April 28th or 29th
If selected fittings take place in NYC on Apr. 25th and pay $300

Payment for the
child is $750
Payment for the
parent is $500

This campaign is for video and print and will be used on the internet. 

Check out the last campaign we cast: GAP Anthem Video
Email us at: casting@vitaminenrichedfilms.com
A recent picture of child and parent.
·      A short letter of encouragement to your child that you’d
want them to read on their first day of school this September. **
Child’s name
Child’s Age
Parent/Guardian’s name
City & State
Parent’s Phone Number
Parent’s Email
What grade is your child in?
Tell us a little about him/her. How would you
describe them?
What’s their favorite subject? What are their
favorite activities?
What do you do for a living?
           Tell us a little about you
                  and your family.
·        What are your child’s sizes in                  children/youth clothing?
Shirt/Pant size in children/youth                            clothing
·           Dress size in children/youth
·                            Shoe Size

(The parents should write the letter as if their child would read it on the morning of their first day back to school for next year. The letter should be a letter of comfort & encouragement for the year ahead. The letter should be authentic and from the heart. And the letter is meant to inspire their kid while also reminding their kid how proud the parent is of the the kid growing into the person they are becoming.) 

Children must
get a permit to work on shoot . (If Selected)
We can
help with details.
Must be legal
to work in the USA with a valid Social Security number.
Thank you for
your time. 
Email us with any questions.
Kathy Foronjy
& Joe Coburn
5 Penn Plaza
#2325 NY, NY 10001


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