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September 18, 2015 • Real People Casting

Casting nationwide for inspiring and active 6 – 13 yr old girls for a GAP ad!

Casting nationwide for inspiring and active 6 – 13 yrs old girls for a GAP ad!

We are at it again! Vitamin Enriched, a casting company in NYC, is looking nationwide for inspiring and active girls, 6-13 yrs old. We want to talk to talented and accomplished girls who can serve as a voice to empower their peers. 

Check out the last campaign we cast: GAP Anthem Video
If you know a girl who is EXCEPTIONAL in a physical or visual activity we’d love to meet her!  

acrobats, dancers, cheerleaders, martial artists, dance troupes, inventors, roller derby  players, 
surprising musicians (violinist playing hip hop, or an accordionist playing fight songs, etc)
chefs, bakers, animal trainers, circus
performers, baton twirlers, Irish step dancers,  ballerinas, step dancers, double-dutchers, jugglers, hula
hoopers, boxers, street hockey players, archers, jewelry designers, chess player, tap dancers, and other activities.
We are open to any and all stories! 

We have already cast the following types (and do not need more submissions at this time) :
drummers, builders, skateboarders, bikers, runners, painters, water sports, fashion designers, break dancers, soccer players.


Email us at: info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

Your name 
Parent’s name
Your Age
City & State
Parent’s Phone Number 
Parent’s Email 

Tell us about what you do.

Include photos and all links to websites, videos, and articles about you.

What are your sizes in children/youth clothing?

Shirt/Pant size in children/youth clothing 
Dress in children/youth clothing 

Shoots in Los Angeles for a couple of days the weeks of November 30th – December 16th. 
This is a paid opportunity. 
All travel expenses paid for the child and one parent/guardian.  

Children must get permits to work on shoots. Production can help parents with details. 

Must be legal to work in the USA with a valid Social Security number. 

Thank you for your time. Email us with any questions. 
Kathy Foronjy & Joe Coburn
Vitamin Enriched 
5 Penn Plaza #2325 NY, NY 10001 

Vitamin Enriched Casting


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