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October 18, 2018 • Real People Casting

Casting NJ Small Business Owner Stories for a TV commercial

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company, is looking for small business owners in New Jersey to tell us their entrepreneurial stories. We want to hear about the trials and tribulations of starting and running your small business and how you integrate technology to help your business run more smoothly day to day.
Maybe you run a retail shop, provide a service or build really cool things. No matter the business sector, or internet service provider, we’d love to hear your story and potentially have you be a part of this exciting TV commercial.

Video auditions:  Needs to happen ASAP on either Oct 25th or 26th. Takes about 10 minutes. We can either do a quick Skype interview that we’ll setup with you or you can send us a 60 second video (we’ll send you the questions).

Payment: If you are selected for this campaign, you will be paid $1,500 total for participation. (5 yr usage cable, internet, new media, wild spot )

Shoot date: Nov. 1st. This is a non-union shoot.

Shoot location: The shoot will take place in NJ. Parking and travel reimbursement are an option.

Please email us the following details to: info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com and include a photograph of yourself.

Business Owner Name

Email and phone

Business Name and website

Business Location (address)

Tell us a little about your business. What do you do?

  • Who is your current internet provider for your business? Please include the name of the package. (All are acceptable)
  • What are some of the reasons your business depends on your high speed internet service? What do you use it for?
  • Have you ever experienced any issues with your high speed internet service? (For example –  Slow Internet speed, Unreliable network connections)
  • How could an unreliable internet connection affect your business? Has unreliable internet ever forced you to miss a deadline? If so, tell us about it.
  • Do you have any opinion of Comcast Business services?
  • Would you be available for a possible Skype interview on Oct 25th or 26th? Are available for the shoot on Nov. 01st?
  • Are you a member of SAG aka the Screen Actors Guild?

If you have any questions please give us a ring or send an email.

Thank you so much!

-Kathy, Joe, Mary Anne & Evadne

Vitamin Enriched


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