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January 4, 2016 • Actor Casting • Real People Casting

Casting non-union actors who can dance for an ad campaign!


Enriched, a casting company in NYC, is casting non-union actors who can dance for an ad campaign!
We are
looking for vivacious, fun, outgoing and energetic non-union actors. Should be
attractive, but not unattainable, natural looking and approachable. Most
importantly, have the ability to dance and groove, in a
more free-flowing, unabashed, not necessarily always coordinated way. The idea
is that talent appears to be a “real person”, who can feel the flow of the
music and even though they are not in an environment conducive to dancing, can
break out some moves, get carried away and be consumed by the music. There will
not be a choreographer, so we will be relying on talent’s own ability to
improvise moves, that will give the dancing more authenticity.
[RUNNER] 20-30 years old / All ethnicities / Female. Should be
young and athletic, someone who exercises and/or jogs regularly. Also has her
own running gear (leggings, hoodie etc).
[DESIGNER] 30-45 years old / All ethnicities / Male. Has to be a cool, stylish
dresser. Fashionable haircut, groomed, GQ type.
[COMMUTER] 25-30 years old / All ethnicities / Female. Corporate
type. Put together hairstyle. Could be on the heavier side, or not, with an
attractive face.
New York Talent Only
Casting: Wednesday January 06th 2015
Shoot Date:  Friday, January 15th OR Saturday, January 16th,
Payment: $500 all inclusive rate (includes one shoot
day, agents fee and usage.)
Usage: For use across all media in perpetuity (cable
/ broadcast / network / spot), web, print, trade, etc.
Email us at: info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com
Please make sure you include links to video of your past performances and the following information.
Your name
The role you are submitting for
Confirm that you can dance
Your phone
Your e-mail


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