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June 3, 2019 • Real People Casting

Casting NYC Dancers who are Passionate about Dance for an Online Campaign – Pays $5K

Vitamin Enriched is casting dancers for an online campaign. We are casting for female dancers (18-35) of all genres who feel liberated through their movements and through the music; women who are passionate, charismatic and dedicated to their craft. Looking for women who want to share how their passion, spirit and energy for dance is brought to life through music.


Shoot: If selected, June 12, 13 & 15 (two shoot days in and around home/hometown, one shoot day at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in TN – not performing at the festival), two travel days (the 14th and the 16th). Must be available for all dates to submit!

Shoot location: NYC &  Bonnaroo Music Festival. The client will shoot a day in the life of the dancer in NYC, and then will film them at Bonnaroo music festival.

Payment: If selected you will be paid $5,000 total for the shoots and usage. If you have an agent, the agent can bill for +20% but must be billed through a company.


Digital (Hulu, YT), Paid Social (IG) – 2 years

Usage Includes: 

  • 2 x :60s (1 Anthem, 1 personal)  
  • 3x  :15s Lifts (IG, SOCIAL – 3x Vertical, 5x 1:1)
  • 2x :30 Lifts (YT, Hulu) 
  • 1x Animated Portraits for IG
  • 2x Gifs/Cinemagraphs for IG
  • IG Story to Spotify 
  • 3 Images of Talent for IG
  • 3 Images of Talent w/ Bottle for IG
  • 2 x Quote Cards for IG

Please email the following ASAP to: info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

Please answer ALL questions /items below:

Your Name

Phone Number


City & State

Please send us a few of photos of yourself (headshot and dancing).

Video links of you dancing. *Must have a video link to apply*

Your social media accounts and website

What style of dance do you do? How long have you been dancing? How did you start? Where do you dance?

Why do you dance?

How do you feel when you dance to the perfect music?

Do you like music festivals, and what do find special about them?

The shoot dates are: 6/12/19, 6/13/19 and 6/15/19 Will include two travel days 6/14 and 6/16.

Are you available for all of these dates? *Please do not submit if you cannot be available for all of the shoot and travel days*


Thank you so much!

Kathy, Joe, Mary Anne & Evadne

Vitamin Enriched

347 454 9597



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