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July 6, 2016 • Real People Casting

Casting NYC Hustlers who are trying to achieve a dream. Tell us your story!

Casting NYC hustlers (25 – 35 yrs old) who are trying to achieve a dream. We are looking for stories of passion and struggle for a vodka brand TV Commercial & Internet Campaign.


Get in touch asap if you are following a dream or a passion while still working another job, raising a family, working out of your garage, etc. Whether you’re in tech, the arts, ┬ádesign, maybe you’re a chef or building a business of your own, we’d like to hear from you.For those selected this is an incredible opportunity for exposure and a nice payday.
(The pay is Sag scale.)

(You must be 25+ because this is an alcohol brand)
Skype Auditions – Week of July 11th
Callback via Skype Monday July 18th
Shoot dates: Wednesday July 27th
Please submit your details asap to
Please send us 2 pictures where we can clearly see your face & body
City & State
Phone number
email address
What dream or passion are you working toward?
Give us a little background on how you got to where you are now.
How do you support yourself? Other jobs?
What are some of the struggles you have faced on this path?
Links to social media & website
Links to any video where we can see you working
Where do you do your work? (in a studio, at an office, home office) Please send pictures if you have
Do you have any events, rehearsals or shows or events coming up? Give us all the details.
Are any of your friends or family involved in your endeavors?
Kathy Foronjy & Joe Coburn
Vitamin Enriched
5 Penn Plaza #2325 NY, NY 10001


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