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October 18, 2021 • Real People Casting

Casting Runners Groups and Runners Who Have Inspiring Stories and Are Making an Impact

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company, is searching nationwide for inspiring stories of runners or running groups for an athletic brand commercial . The commercial will feature stories where running has changed lives in a meaningful, and impactful way on either a personal or community level.  Maybe running has helped you with your sobriety; Maybe running has helped you heal; Maybe running with a group has helped your feel safer; Maybe you use running to help others. Whatever your story is, we want to hear how running is making an impact on your life or community.

Details about the commercial: 

  • Non-union
  • Usage: – All media for two years
  • If selected, the featured person would be paid $1,000 per day (Likely a two day shoot).
  • Shoot Details/Dates for the commercial: 
  • Interview dates: We will be interviewing people, via remote video chat. Nov. 1st – 5th.
  • Callback date: Week of Nov. 8th via remote video chat.
  • Shoot dates: Exact shoot date(s) are TBD end of 2021 or early 2022.
  • Shoot location: local areas to the running group or runner being profiled.
  • Covid testing date: A Covid test will be required a few day before the shoot.

If you are interested in being considered, Please email all of the following information ASAP to info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com:


  • Name:
  • Phone number:
  • Email:
  • City & State:
  • Age:
  • Social handles (IG, Facebook)
  • Send us two to four recent photographs of yourself (and your group, if you’re submitting with a group).
  • Please tell us a little about yourself.
  • Tell us why you run, and what inspires you to run?
  • How has running changed your life? Has running impacted your community at all?
  • If you run with a group: Which group? Why do you run with a group? Why do you run with this particular group?
  • Do you or your group run for any purpose outside of running? If so, tell us about that.
  • Are you or your running group involved in any community efforts? If so, tell us about that.
  • Outside of the personal benefits of running is there a cause you are trying to spread awareness for through running?
  • Whats next for you? What are your training for?
  • Do you have any sponsorship  agreements with athletic brands?
  • If you are selected, are you comfortable taking a Covid test 48 hours prior to shooting?
  • Are you an actor, actress or model? Have you ever appeared in any film, Tv or advertising? If so, please tell us about it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

-Kathy, Joe, Mary Anne, Evadne & Team VE

Vitamin Enriched
347 454 9597

Photo by  Jefferson Sees on Unsplash


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