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May 5, 2021 • Real People Casting

Casting single male farmers in the LGBTQ+ community for a branded content video (nationwide)

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company in NYC, is searching nationwide for single men who are farmers and in the LGBTQ+ community. We are looking for men who actively farm the land they own (the bigger the farm, the better). We are working with an agricultural client who would love to share a farming story from the LGBTQ+ community. If this is you, we’d love to hear from you!

Details about the  branded video. 

  • Non-union
  • Payment: $2k total
  • Usage/run: Internet, brand’s website. social pages, and industrial. 

Shoot Date/ Details:

  • Video Interview date: Either Monday 5/10 or Tuesday 5/11 (if either of those dates don’t work for you please note what date does, and we will try to accommodate)
  • Shoot date: TBD either late week of 5/24 or early week of 5/31 (avoiding Memorial Day). It will be a one-day shoot, and we’ll need to schedule a tech scout of your farm prior to the shoot.
  • Shoot location: At your farm, production will likely be a small crew.

If you are interested in being considered, Please email all of the following information ASAP to info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com:

  • Please send us two recent photographs of yourself.
  • Please send us two recent photographs of what your farm currently looks like, and (if available) a link to your farm’s website or social media pages.
  • Your name:
  • Phone number, and email:
  • City & State:
  • Please tell us a little about yourself.
  • Please tell us a little about your farm. (do you own it? how many acres and what do you farm?)
  • Do you use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. to manage/ protect your farm and its business operations?
  • What’s your typical workday look like for you?
  • Are you comfortable sharing your story as a LGBTQ+ farmer?
  • Are you an actor or model? Have you ever appeared in any film, TV or advertising? If so, please tell us about it

Looking forward to hearing from you!

-Kathy, Joe, Mary Anne, Evadne & Team VE

Vitamin Enriched
347 454 9597

Photo by Michael Bourgault on Unsplash


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