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November 4, 2020 • Real People Casting

Casting Small Business Owners Who Started Their Own Business After Being Let Go From A Job

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company, is looking for small business owners, nationwide, who were let go from their previous jobs and decided to make a leap and start their own businesses. We want to hear about the ups and downs of your journey from starting over to becoming an entrepreneur and building your own business. 

Maybe you got laid off and used that as an opportunity to start your own food business. Or maybe your previous place of employment closed, and you followed your dreams of opening a private yoga studio. No matter what your business is, we’d love to hear your story and potentially have you be a part of this exciting online ad for a marketing company. 

Casting interview dates – Nov 16 and 17th via Zoom

Shoot dates – End of November into early December 

If selected, you would be paid $1,000 for the shoot and usage.

Usage: These videos will be posted on the marketing company’s YouTube channel, brand-owned website and on various social platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Please email us the following details ASAP to: info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

Please submit at least 2 photos of yourself and any relevant links to your business (such as video links that show us your product/business, website, and/or social media) .

Business Owner Name and Age:

Email and phone:

Business Name:


Business Location (City/ State):

  • Tell us a little about your previous job. Type of company/ work. What did you do? How long were you there? When did you leave that job and why?
  • Tell us a little about the business you started. (What year did you start it? What do you do? How do you operate? (online, brick and mortar, etc..)
  • How many employees do you have? (It’s fine if you are solo.)
  • Why did you decide to start your own business and this specific business, in particular (vs. just getting another job). 
  • Have you ever been featured in advertising for any brand or business (other than your own)? If so, please tell us which one(s).

Thanks so much!

-Kathy, Joe, Mary Anne, Evadne & Team VE

Vitamin Enriched
347 454 9597


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