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April 13, 2016 • Real People Casting

Documentary Seeks Stories of Cuban Americans Who Want to Return to Cuba

Vitamin Enriched, a real-people casting company, is
searching nationwide for Cuban Americans who emigrated to the United States as
children, and have yet to return.
We are working on a documentary, with director
Greg Kohs, sponsored by a North American airline. They would like to document your
return to Cuba. The purpose of the project is to celebrate the new beginning between two countries. The documentary will be used on the website of the North American airline, and online.
(Flight & hotel for you and one family member will
be covered.)
Did you emigrate from Cuba to America
prior to 1969? If you haven’t been back, would you like to
Tell us your story!
Please email the following details if you’d like to be
considered to casting@vitaminenrichedfilms.com
Name, age, phone, email
address & a picture + please answer the following:
When and How did
you leave Cuba? Commercial flight or Freedom flight?
Another mode of transport?
How old were you when you
left Cuba and what were the circumstances?
What did you or your family
do in Cuba?
What did you leave behind?
Why would you like to go
What or who would you want to
see first?
Tell us about your American
What would going back mean to
you?Also please send any pictures from your childhood to help tell the story.



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