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April 22, 2020 • Real People Casting

Let’s Connect! We’d love to know more about you so we can pitch you for a casting call.

We hope everyone is safe and healthy. We’d love to connect with you all so we can learn more about you, and get you cast in future projects. Our job is to know people, and be able to pitch them quickly.  Please feel free to tell us who you are and what you do, and we will keep you in mind for our next round of remote casting calls. 

For those who are just learning about us. Vitamin Enriched casts nationwide. We are run by documentary filmmakers and casting directors who specialize in real people casting as well as traditional actor castings. We believe in the power of authenticity and our real people casting process is founded on the principles of documentary filmmaking. We view the world in stories. Let us help you tell yours.

Followers and friends: Please email us one picture, tell us who you are and what you do. Send us any links to videos or articles that help to illustrate what you do.

Actors: Please email us your headshot and resume, tell us a little about yourself. Include existing links to your reel, or any clips you’d like to share.  If you’d like feedback on an audition, please share that with a link only, and include what you are reading for. We will do our best to get back to you all.

Email us at hello@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

Looking forward to learning more about you all.

Kathy, Joe and Team VE




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