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December 6, 2017 • News

Vitamin Enriched, Real People Casting // Interesting Hollywood Reporter Article with Casting Professionals

This is an interesting article covering a lot of the issues Casting Directors face. I can’t believe we are still fighting to be a part of the Oscars. How is this real life?

On another note, I hate self tapes. Please make the idea of this being a budget saver stop. I tell clients that my office won’t do them unless it’s part of the creative vision. Why are you paying me to be a secretary? We have done them two or maybe three times. One time because I was on vacation and couldn’t be in the studio. Another time as a favor to a client who had no budget and asked that the videos go directly to them. At the very least, do a Skype audition. Nothing compares to being in the same room to audition. Nothing. I understand that budgets are tighter, but without a solid cast who has been auditioned properly how do you feel confident that you can get what you need?



Hollywood Report Article


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