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August 18, 2017

Vitamin Enriched, Real People Casting // Parent’s get a School Report from their Child’s Best Friend Friend in My Little Pony Campaign

Hasbro has made a back-to-school video for My Little Pony, and if you’re a parent, it’s a real tearjerker.

To underline the brand’s tagline, “Friendship is Magic,” it invited parents of kids at a New York elementary school to a meeting to hear about how their child was doing — only the teacher wasn’t in the room when they walked in. Instead, their child’s best friend sat there ready to talk to them about their kid. Parents were moved to tears hearing about their children’s friendships and the qualities that their friends admired.

The campaign, by Grey New York, follows the “social experiment” style of advertising so beloved of brands at the moment, and although some of the kids do sound a little rehearsed, some are adorably sincere, and the parents’ reactions are genuinely moving. There’s also additional cuteness at the end when the best friends themselves walk into the room. And surprisingly, there isn’t a pony toy in sight throughout. Floyd Russ of Tool directed the video.”

This concept is brilliant. Having best friend’s report on their friend at a parent teacher conference really helps a parent learn about their child’s character. I bet knowing you raised a kind human is really heart warming.

We had the privilege of casting the real people for this campaign. We not only had to secure a NYC Public school’s participation, but also had get the parents and children on board without knowing exactly what the concept was. This is where strategy, skill, and professionalism are key. We have our ways of doing top secret work, and making real people casting dreams a reality.

Real people casting is all about relationships. There is no quick way to do it other than knowing your shit and knowing people.  If you work your network, than you can make magic like this happen.



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