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October 22, 2017 • News

Vitamin Enriched, Real People Casting // Stouffer’s What are you hungry for?

This stouffer’s job was so much fun to cast. In this article they are discussing the idea behind the campaign “What are you hungry for?” We are all hungry for something… This was another example of an inspiring campaign that we had the privilege to cast. We spent so much time talking on the phone and video chatting with hard working Americans who are striving to make a dream come true, to make their lives better, their families lives better, and the community around them a better place to live. After a job like this I’m so motivated from listening to the trials and triumphs of real people that I always remember to work harder on my own life and goals. Sometimes I feel like my job is such a gift because I have the trust of thousands of people who share their dreams, aspirations, and failures. My team takes each story seriously, we treat people with respect. We value their time, and we do our best to always get them an update on a project. Even though it sucks to deliver the news that the client went in another direction, It’s the right thing to do, and I hope lets people see that there are humans working at VE who genuinely appreciate them.

The key to real people casting is connecting with people, and being a great listener. As a real people casting director, I feel honored that people trust me enough to share their story.


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