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December 2, 2017 • News

Vitamin Enriched, Real People Casting // Why CNBC Had People Interview for Jobs in a Glass Box Outside Rockefeller Center

This was a really fun casting for CNBC’ show “The Job Interview.” Vitamin Enriched was tasked with some very challenging real people casting for this promo. With only a week’s time we had to find the right company for this very high profile ask to conduct their real job interviews on the streets of NYC. What a crazy and brilliant concept.
The most important part of real people casting is working with professionals who understand the scope of your project, and the nature of real people. We knew we needed a company who had an interviewer who wouldn’t be distracted by the potential insanity of the NYC crowds. Ariel Schur of ABS Staffing Solutions made it clear that nothing stops her from finding the right candidates for her clients, and as you’ll see in the promo not even the toughest of NYC crowds phased her.  Always keep your eye on the ball like Ariel did!

I may have run the other way if this was my job interview.




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