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March 4, 2019 • Blog Post

Your Child Booked a Job! Now What? Real People Casting Tips From Vitamin Enriched

Congrats! This is an exciting time for you and your child.

First of all, if you are new to the process, we are so happy to walk you through it. You will receive a booking email from us with lots of details. We always share a production contract. This person is very key. They are going to be your next point of contact once we confirm your booking. Our production partners are awesome so you are in good hands. They will reach out to tell you about the exact location of the shoot. What you should or shouldn’t bring for wardrobe. They will let you know your child’s call time, this is basically when you should arrive. We recommend you always arrive early on set. Also, production days are very long. Make sure you bring books, games, or anything that is going to keep you and your child occupied.  They will also go over the payment process with you. Most likely they will ask you to bring 2 forms of ID for your child and you will fill out paperwork on set. Be prepared to sign an image release form. This is the agreement to use your child’s likeness in a particular project. You’re normally paid by check within 30 -45 days. Please confirm this on set so you are totally clear on the client’s payment process.

real people casting call

So your child was just booked for their first job in the entertainment industry, how do they get paid? What permits are required for your child to work? Below you’ll find all the information you need in order for your child to legally work and receive payment.

Two things are required for this:

1.     A child performer permit

Getting a permit is an easy thing to do. It is required by New York State Department of Labor. If you’re applying for the first time you will be issued a 15-day temporary child permit for your child to work on camera. Here is the link to apply for the first time permit: https://www.labor.ny.gov/secure/ChildPerformer/welcome.html

The 15-day temporary child performer permit is valid for 15 consecutive days after the date the permit is generated. You can print this permit immediately after applying so make sure you have a printer ready.

This is a one-time permit only for first timers so you cannot apply for this again. If

If your child applied for their 15-day permit and have now booked another job you need to now apply for a 12-month child performer permit. Here is the application to fill out: https://labor.ny.gov/formsdocs/wp/LS561.pdf

Without a 12-month permit, the child will not be eligible to work once the 15-day permit expires. So mail this application immediately to avoid any issues.

2.     A trust account

You will also need to set up a trust account for the child within 15 days of the permit being issued. This is required by the Coogan Law. These trusts accounts are called UTMA or UGMA custodial accounts. 15% of your child’s gross wages have to be put into this account. In order to set up this trust account, you will need to go to a bank. Here is the form for a trust account if you don’t already have one: https://labor.ny.gov/formsdocs/wp/LS566.pdf

The Department of Labor answers all other questions you may have here: https://labor.ny.gov/workerprotection/laborstandards/secure/ChildPerformerFAQ.shtm

Those are some of our hot tips for your child’s first booking. Always feel free to call us with any questions.

-Evadne Fulton & Kathy Foronjy

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