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August 28, 2015 • Real People Casting

We want to hear your 3D Printing Story!

 We want to hear your 3D Printing Story!
Vitamin Enriched, a real people
casting company in NYC, is casting nationwide for 3D printing stories. This campaign will educate small business owners, inventors, designers, artists, scientists and doctors on 3D printing and showcase how it has made its way into many
different industries.


Skype interview/audition will take place ASAP during the first two
weeks of September.
If selected for the internet video shoot, you will be compensated for your participation.
Shoot dates are late Sept. through Early Oct.
(you will only be needed for one day)

Submission details:             (Must be US based)

name (if applicable)
City &
What do you
do for a living?
Please tell us your 3D printing story.
Tell us
about your 3d printed object.
What made
you get into 3D printing?
What was
the inspiration behind this particular project/object?
Where did
you have the printing done? Any idea which type of printer you used? Or if you own your own printer, which one do you have?
How has it
enhanced or changed your life/work.
What’s the long-term
goal for your project/product?
Please send
us 2 photos of you/your team.
Please send
us any photos of what you’ve made with a 3D printer.
Please send
us any links to what you’ve made.
Please send
us any links to press. (You do not need to have previous press.)


Thank you for your time! Email us with any questions.
-Kathy Foronjy & Joe Coburn
Vitamin Enriched
5 Penn Plaza #1957
NY, NY 10001
P: 347 454 9597
Vitamin Enriched Inc. is a real people casting company in New York City, owned by Documentary Filmmakers/Casting Directors Katherine Foronjy & Joseph Coburn. Advertisers call upon this duo when they are looking to connect their brands with real people.
Real People, Real Stories
Vitamin Enriched




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