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April 6, 2015 • Real People Casting

Wall Street Journal Readers – Want to make $200 for a couple of hours?

We are looking for people 30- 75 years old who read the Wall Street Journal for an internal video. 

There are no in person auditions or callbacks for this project. We may need to Skype with you for 10 minutes. 
Pay $200 
Shoot April 13th (2 – 4 hour shoot) 
Shoot Location (Either Brooklyn or NYC) 
Usage: The video will be used for internal use only (world wide company hub for internal employees only) at the Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones. Digital (internal website) as well as internal monitors and screens. 
Submission details: 
Email info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com
Skype name
Please send us 2 pictures of yourself. (Make sure we can clearly see you in both)
Tell us what you do for a living.
Tell us why you read the wall street journal. 
What do you enjoy about it and why do you depend on it? 

Thank you!

Vitamin Enriched 
5 Penn Plaza #1957 NY, NY 10001 
347 454 9597


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