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October 30, 2015 • Real People Casting

Casting a virtual reality short film “THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD” using the cutting edge technology of 360 cameras.

Vitamin Enriched, a casting company in NYC, is casting a virtual reality short film, using the cutting edge technology of 360 cameras.


An ancient
fairytale come to life in a new, modern way with the cutting edge technology of
the Nokia OZO 360 camera. This fairytale will be
cast into the real world – It will add a new fresh and unexpected spin to it. The
directors interpretation of the story is that “the Wolf” is actually a killer
disguised in a “wolf mask” and we experience a part of the chase where he is
hunting down his victim; the little red riding hood.


The film will be dark, scary, unexpected, cool, raw,
stylish, and visually stunning. The interesting and believable characters will
captivate the viewers, and working with creative solutions will cleverly and
elegantly direct the viewer’s attention in the setting. It needs to be
emotionally captivating.
He is in his late 40’s.
He should have a memorable and interesting face, and be a bit sinister and wild
looking. He needs to have a very intense presence but there is something
intriguing/charming about the character in a weird way.
“The Wolf” should have the appearance of being quite big. He
needs to have a very intense presence.
She is in her mid 20’s. Pretty, sweet and fragile,
vulnerable, likable. Her face is expressional, and she can deliver fear in a
very believable, intense and captivating way.


New York Local Talent Only
Director: Maja Fernqvist
Casting: Thursday Nov 05th 2015  – NYC
Callback: Wednesday Nov. 11th 2015 – Brooklyn
Rehearsals: TBD
Shoot Date: Thursday November 19th, 2015 (this
may change)
Payment: $1,000 total for one shoot day & 3 rehearsal

Email us at: info@vitaminenrichedfilms.com

Please make sure you include links to video of your past performances and the following information.

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