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September 11, 2015 • Real People Casting

We’re planning a road trip. Tell us where to stop & who to meet!

We’re planning
a road trip. Tell us where to stop & who to meet!
Enriched, a real people casting company in NYC, is casting an internet ad
campaign for a luxury brand car company, that will feature the men and women who own some of the hidden gems across
the country.
We want to have a genuine experience with the locals, trying our best to stay away from the touristy spots. Who should we meet? We want to get to know the proprietors of the spots that are off the beaten path and spend some time with the local artisans. Maybe we visit a local taqueria, help craft a piece of furniture, catch a show at the community theatre, or sleep at a unique Bed & Breakfast… something like that.
Think people who are passionate about what their work in: 
Unconventional Culinary Experiences
Craftsmen/ Artisans
Performing Arts/ Music
Farms / Orchards

Outdoor Activities

We’ll stop in
Boston, and then we’ll be making our way up the East Coast to Maine. Next,
we’re heading to Philadelphia, PA making our way to Richmond, VA. Then we’re
off to the West Coast, starting in Seattle, WA and making our way to Portland,
OR. Finally, we’ll start in Salt Lake City, UT and head out to Moab.

If this sounds
like you (or someone you know), we’d love to hear from you!
Please include
the following information:
Business name:
And please
give us brief answers to the following questions:
Tell us about your craft / business:
Why do you do
what you do? How did you get started?
 What’s unique about your business? How is it different than others?
Include a link
to your website.
Include a
photo of you (and a couple of photos of your work or business)
Skype audition for East Coast: Sept 24th or 25th
Skype audition West Coast: Oct. 15th or 16th
*Auditions via Skype take about twenty minutes*
If you are selected, we will come to your location to
shoot. Dates and details are below.
East Coast Shoot
Cities in-between Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA
Oct 2nd – Oct 6th
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 2nd – Oct 6th
Oct 6th
Boston, MA
Oct 8th – Oct 9th
Oct 9th
in-between Boston, MA and Maine
Oct 10th – Oct 13th
West Coast Shoot Dates:
Salt Lake City, UT
Dec 7th
– Dec 12th
Dec 12th
Cities in-between Salt Lake City, UT and Moab, UT
Dec 7th
– Dec 12th
Seattle, WA
Dec 14th – Dec 15th
Dec 15th
Cities in-between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
Dec 16th
– 19th



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